Irrational Fears

You’re probably afraid of something irrational. Most people are.

I find a fear of spiders or ghosts completely irrational.

My fear, however, of the Black Eyed Children is justified. Why? Because it’s my fear.


What are the Black Eyed Children? In a nutshell, they are a folk phenomenon of people having strange encounters with kids whose eyes are entirely black, who insist upon entering their vehicle or home, and who seem to ooze an overwhelming sense of fear and panic.

Just think about that description. Their eyes are coal black. No pupil. No iris. What is this thing?

Before you turn your nose at the very idea, please note that I am currently home alone, listening to a magnificent storm brewing and am currently without a vehicle; aka; no method of transport to help me flee from the demon children if they were to appear.

Intelligent journalists, doctors and teachers have reported accounts of the Black Eyed Children. They claim that if, for some crazed reason, you allow these children into your home, you are bestowed with an array of marvellous curses such as car accidents, deaths in the family and illnesses that cannot be diagnosed.

Others say that when they have told the brats to leave, they are suddenly compelled to open the door; their hands reaching for the handle despite the crushing fear.

I haven’t met a Black Eyed Child…yet. I’m surprised that one of my 45 Glee students didn’t horrify me on Halloween by dressing up as one of those…things. They would only need black contacts. Cue Tyrolin freaking out. And scene.

I’m foolishly vocal about my fear.

Spiders don’t seem too bad now, do they?

Irrational or rational? Tell me below in the comments!
What’s your irrational fear?


3 thoughts on “Irrational Fears

  1. Well, pretty much anything bad happening to my son. I would spend a weekend with the Children of the Corn rather than let that happen. Thanks for sharing your struggles…I have someone in my own life who faces them as well so it’s helpful to hear about the experience from others. And of course, thanks for the follow.

  2. I think your fear is completely rational! Have you seen the amount of horror/thriller films which include children with black eyes? Far too many!
    I’m terrified of pigeons on the ground, only on the ground

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