These Are a Few of my Favourite Things

I really like thinking outside of the square and seeing different things that people won’t always like. So, if you think like me, you will possibly enjoy one of the few titillating items I have for your perusal below.


1. Cartoon bags.


“Yeah? So what? They’re cartoon bags.” You say in an arrogant, unimpressed manner. Take a closer look. These are real bags. No joke, with this, you will look like you’re starring in your very own Space Jam movie. I’ve already ordered mine and am impatiently waiting for the glorious date of arrival. I am confident the angels will sing. If they do not, I will hum operatically. Check the link!


2. Gotta catch ‘em all! The real life Mudkip.


This cute little fellow has not been photoshopped. It is, in fact, a salamander called axolotl. I don’t know where you can go about “catching” or purchasing this little guy, but it’s the closest thing to a real life Pok’emon we’re ever going to get.


Oh wait…



3. Zombie gnomes.


We’re all waiting for the Zombie Apocalypse. And we have to stop kidding ourselves that we aren’t excited about it. Fortunately for us, our little garden dwelling buddies have already made the first step towards our impending doom.



4. You may or may not have heard of Kerli. You know, the chick who sings “Tea Party” fromAlicein Wonderland and who has been dubbed as the Lady Gaga rip off for depressed teens. I don’t attest to that last statement, but I do commend her individuality and the notion that she is anything like Lady Gaga is spurious. She has really interesting music and styles, so be sure to check her out if you’re after something a bit weird and gothic.



That’s it for now! Happy spending!


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