I did it. I can cross it off the bucket list. I was finally an extra in a film! Nay, not just an extra. A SPEAKING…extra!

My uncle was originally supposed to join me on my endeavour, who much to his dismay, injured his back and couldn’t make it on the night. However, much to his amusement, he still managed to get his name in the credits. I don’t know how or why that happened, but self-indulged me was just excited that my name now stood out due to uneven numbers.


When we arrived, we were told that there was a strong chance we would have to repeat the same scene over and over for an hour. They said if we decided to drink wine in that scene, then we would have to continue taking the same sip, the same way until they called “cut”. This, evidently, produced many drunk extras.

I decided to go another route. I went straight for the fetta cheese and watermelon. A sixth time. A seventh time. I was in absolute Heaven. I had made the right choice to skip dinner.

Things kept getting better. Nathan, the actor and director, came up to me and asked me to improvise a few lines. I was stunned. There I was, grateful that I was overindulging in tasty snacks and suddenly I was offered a speaking part that would air on TV!



So…I was kinda awful. That statement is obvious from the final cut. The line that made it was the best of the best of my takes. I didn’t even finish my sentence. Quote, one Tyrolin Puxty: “I think it’s one of the guys from the Chasers. I don’t — I never watched it.”


Midnight was looming. My platter of endless food was no longer needed, my magnificent debut was over and I had snapped a photo of myself with Chris Taylor. I was totally over it. I had been there for five hours and I was tired of sitting quietly and watching the same take over and over again.

Luckily, they said I could go, so I made my way through the vineyard and to my car. Quiet on the set doesn’t seem to apply to me. As I was walking through the vineyard, a huge wind struck and dramatically flung dirt and God knows what else into my eyes, causing a Harry Potter Stuck-in-the-maze scene. I screamed and then realised that there was a huge possibility I had ruined a take.

Thus in one night, I began AND ended my acting career.


10 thoughts on “P L O N K

  1. Who knows, there might be more project soon? You are beautiful, young and talented, so there should be more chance for you get that chance to stardom.

  2. Amazing acting skills! I think they should give you a longer exposure. If I will make a movie, I will surely get you as the lead actress.

  3. That’s a pretty nice story thought it didn’t end up well for you, but we all know that we have to look forward to tomorrow. Who knows that another opportunity will knock on your door.

  4. It will be alright for sure because you have the looks and talent with you. By the way I am interested to buy a copy of your Book Dumb Luck because my friend told me that I am going to love it. I am super excited for the book.

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