Born in the evening of January 8th 1992, Tyrolin was a stereotypical Capricorn from a young age. At the age of four, she was already writing short stories (extremely short…we’re talking a few words hidden beneath a colouful array of terrible drawings) and songs that shall fortunately never be heard again.

When Tyrolin was nine, she found herself involved in the creative arts. Indulging in choir, dancing, band and public speaking, Tyrolin was slowly becoming more self-assertive and confident as opposed to the quiet, unsure and slightly tubby child she had been up until this point.

Tyrolin starred in a school musical when she was 11, having never really thought much of it, as music did not interest her much, despite being able to play the saxophone and piano.

It was only in year 11 that she decided she did not want to elect Biology for her senior year, so she chose to “wing” Music instead. Surprisingly, she found herself enjoying it and decided to take it (semi) seriously. She wrote several songs, performed at local gigs and in 2011, opened for “Lior”.

When Tyrolin graduated from High School in 2009, she published her first book “Dumb Luck” which is distributed through 28,000 stores across the globe. She has written seven other books and is in the process of publishing them.

Tyrolin then began to work with composers in America who would help produce her songs. The sound engineer she works with is the very same man who worked with the one and only Michael Jackson.

Tyrolin has been in the Top 25 of the Australian Songwriters Association for two consecutive years, and in 2013, her song Mask was a finalist in the Musicoz Australian Independent Artists. In 2014, Tyrolin was awarded an Australia Day Award for the Glen Johnston Memorial – Music.

Tyrolin also likes to write in third person when writing a biography.


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  1. Dear Tyrolin,

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    Harry Watters | Radio Promoter & Publicist

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