Things We Like As Kids That Suck As Adults



As kids, we have a lot of crazy ideas. Slippery-dips from our bedrooms into the pool. Inventing a time machine so you can travel to the past to prevent that humiliating “split in your pants” incident. Marshmallows in the middle of a cob to make it a “candy corn” (actually, that’s not a bad idea).

But there are 5 common and completely terrible ideas that seem glamorous as children and nightmarish to (most) adults. Such as…

5. Mail

THEN: How exciting is it to receive something IN THE MAIL! Look! It has my name on it and everything! AND A STAMP!!! I bet there’s money in there from grandma, too!

NOW: Bills. Bills. Jury duty. Statement. Car registration. Where’s grandma’s money now?

4. Cooking

THEN: Oh, boy! I’m wearing a cute apron and I’m stirring! I’m ACTUALLY stirring! Licking the bowl is so much fun! I could do this every day!

NOW: Ugh. Monday. I’m getting takeout.

3. Friends sleeping over:

THEN: Oh, boy! Nancy is staying the night! We’re going to stay up late, swap some manly stories and in the morning – Mum’s making waffles!

NOW: Great. I haven’t seen this person in years and the house is a mess. I’ll have to clean the bed sheets, make sure the cat doesn’t bother them during the night and wake up before them. Is…is that the time? It’s 11.00pm and they’re still not in bed?! That means I have to stay up with them! Fu…

2. Driving

THEN: Oooooooooh my gosh! I’m sitting on Mum’s lap and I’m STEERING the wheel in the driveway! I’m actually driving at the tender age of four! I’m so clever! I can’t wait to drive all over the world!

NOW: Ugh…it’s raining. It’s dark. I have to drive three hours to get home. Maybe I can crash at a friend’s house and leave in the morning instead. Or move. Maybe I’ll just move here.

1.Lots of kids

THEN: Oh boy! I’m a kid! My friends are kids! I’m gonna have a ga-zillion kids of my own to play with when I’m older!

NOW: I needn’t elaborate.


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